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Turba Philosophorum Waite, A.E.

  • The Turba Philosophorum, also known as Assembly of the Philosophers, is one of the oldest European alchemy texts. It is considered to have been written c. 900 A.D. Nine philosophers take part in a discussion, being, once the text has been transcribed back to the original Arabic, Anaximander, Anximenes, Anaxagoras, Empedocles, Archelaus, Leucippus, Ecphantus, Pythagoras and Xenophanes.

The Secret Doctrine in Israel Waite, A.E.

  • Waite, A.E. - The Secret Doctrine in Israel It is a work of critical analysis and collation for the exposition of Zoharic doctrine on the several subjects indicated by the teachings of its sections, and this has been attempted for the specific purpose of proving that behind each and all there lies a single radical and essential thesis which is spoken of in general terms as the Mystery of Faith. It is this thesis which constitutes the vital part of the Secret Doctrine in Israel.

Occult Chemistry Leadbeater, C.W., Besant, Annie

  • This work contains a record of clairvoyant investigations into the structure of matter. The observations were carried out at intervals over a period of nearly forty years, the first in August 1895 and the last in October 1933. The two investigators, Annie Besant (1847-1933) and C.W. Leadbeater (1847-1934) were trained clairvoyants and well equipped to check and supplent each other's work.

The New Pearl of Great Price Lacinius, Janice

  • Lacinius, Janice - The New Pearl of Great Price A treatise concerning the treasure and most precious stone of the philosophers. Or the method and procedure of this divine art; with observations drawn from the works of Arnoldus, Raymondus, Rhasis, Albertus, and Michael Scotus. First published by Janus Lacinius, the Calabrian, with a copious index.

The Philosophers Stone Regardie, Israel

  • Regardie, Israel - The Philosophers Stone The Philosopher's Stone presents text and analysis of three major alchemical works, approached symbolically, using the symbol systems and viewpoints of magic and psychology. The objective of alchemical study has been described poignantly by the author: Like modern psychological methods the alchemical formulae have left their goal the creation of a whole man, of integrity...

Twelve Keys Valentine, Basil

  • Valentine, Basil - Twelve Keys Twelve Keys of Basilius Valentinus is one of the most important alchemical works available to modern students. His writings contain much of interest to the student of alchemy. Whether Basil Valentine is the correct name of the author or an alias does not matter since it detracts nothing from his work or the value of his experiments.